St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Love One Another

Life at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School


Rehearsal Tracks for Christmas 2019. Click below...

Born For Us

That First Christmas Day

Love Has Come

Baby Born In Bethlehem


Rehearsal Tracks for Christmas 2017. Click below...

What Can I Give Him?

The Gift

Great, Great Joy

The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Rehearsal Tracks for Stafford Gatehouse Concert 2016. Click...

1. The Rose

2. The Rhythm of Life

3. Somewhere Out There

4. The Music's Always There With You

Rehearsal Tracks for Codsall Arts Festival 2016. Click...

All The World's A Stage

Show in the Globe

Rehearsal Tracks for Christmas 2016

Love Has Come

That First Christmas Day

Born For Us

Christmas Lullaby